Our Commitment to Intellectual Curiosity

Jun 18, 2020

As lifelong learners who serve clients by solving meaningful financial problems, our team at Adamy Valuation continually builds our expertise in this ever-changing environment. Our team is built on each individual’s depth of knowledge that creates harmony across our practice areas. This article highlights two of Adamy Valuation’s -skilled team members: Kaylee Simerson, Manager of Adamy Valuation’s Traverse City office and Senior Analyst Alexa Pontus.

Over the multi-decade history of Adamy Valuation, commitment to quality and intellectual curiosity pervades each engagement. Recognizing these traits in the firm, Kaylee Simerson joined the team to lead the firm’s Traverse City office. Prior to accepting this position, Kaylee was employed by the largest Michigan-based bank as a Commercial Credit Department Manager. As the only Adamy staff member based in the Traverse City market, Kaylee’s multi-faceted position requires her to fill roles as an analyst, project manager, and business development professional at different times. Kaylee has balanced these roles while also recently completing her certification as a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA). She notes that building Adamy’s reputation in the Traverse City market has fueled her opportunities for growth in the midst of the evolving business environment in Traverse City.

At first glance, business valuation and litigation support services may seem similar to other financial services such as banking or accounting, yet a deeper dive reveals the unique problem-solving skill set that distinguishes Adamy Valuation’s professionals. This was certainly the case for Senior Analyst Alexa Pontus who transferred her interest in a construction fraud investigation case into her most recent credential, the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). Alexa notes that while valuation work may not seem like an immediate segue into the forensic world, learning to assess business strategy from the 30,000 foot view all the way down to analyzing specific financial details makes it a skill set that is highly-transferable to litigation support services. Alexa continues to hone her specialized expertise in this area each time she tackles a new case with rigor and zest. Team members like Alexa enable our firm to deliver dynamic work products to our clients.

As a firm, we take time to meaningfully invest in each member of the team. Each professional strives to unlock their full potential through delivering quality work to clients. Sharing about her experiences, Alexa recalls of her introduction to Adamy, “I had no idea what business valuation was and why I should pursue a career in valuation. Yet digging in, I found all the best parts of what I loved about my previous career in banking: Helping clients each day and a changing, challenging environment.”

Alexa and Kaylee also observed that there are a lot of misconceptions today that business valuation looks very similar to what it was in the 1970s and 1980s, but changes in tax law and academic theory and debate have changed the landscape. Kaylee remarked that “continued education not only allows us as individuals to feel more fulfilled in our positions, but also allows us to better serve our clients. Continued education provides us an opportunity to think critically and challenge our perspective. As we move through each specific case, having access to a wide range of experiences and ideas allows us to provide our clients with a customized approach that best fits their situation and circumstances. Remaining up-to-date on business valuation theories and strategies by incorporating current events, laws, and regulations is absolutely crucial.”

We thrive on opportunities for personal growth. We encourage you to visit our site and find out how our team can apply our skills, experience, and pursuit of excellence to help you or your clients with financial expertise you can rely on.

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