Tax Reporting

With ever-changing tax rules, one thing you can count on is our understanding of the intricacies of a valuation and the tax events that require them.

Top tax advisors refer their clients to us at significant junctures for their businesses, because they know they can rely on Adamy for a credible, independent valuation.


We provide business valuations for a variety of tax reporting events, including:

  • Charitable contributions reported on Form 8283
  • Equity compensation reporting for 409(a)
  • Gifts reported on Form 709
  • Estate tax returns
  • Related party transactions
  • Corporate restructuring
  • International tax reorganizations
  • Built-in gains for S-Corp election

While nothing can prevent an audit, our estate and tax valuation reports are designed to minimize the likelihood of an IRS challenge.

When it comes to work that may be subject to IRS scrutiny, we subscribe to Benjamin Franklin’s axiom that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

What it Is

There are a number of tax planning transactions that require an independent valuation to support required tax filings.

Why it Matters

Many of the events that trigger a need for an independent valuation for tax reporting are relatively infrequent occurrences in the lives of business owners such as: a change in elected tax status, a large charitable contribution of private stock, establishing an equity compensation plan, or the death of a shareholder.

How We Do this Well

Since these kinds of events are relatively infrequent, it can be difficult to find a valuation firm with significant experience in the specific transaction in question.

Because of our extensive practice, we have the necessary experience.

If the taxpayer’s appraisal does not withstand IRS scrutiny, the consequences can be costly.

Professional tax advisors refer their clients to us to provide a credible valuation that will withstand IRS scrutiny. Additionally, we take the time to understand the business, its owner, management and operations, so that we can apply that understanding to the valuation. Our approach is strengthened through our deep technical and business knowledge producing a well-rounded result to the benefit of the client.


As part of our core commitment to developing our team of professionals, we invest heavily in their valuation training and continuing education. Most of our valuation team members are credentialed ASA, CVA, or ABV professionals.


All of our tax reporting valuations comply with the Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice issued by the Appraisal Foundation, the American Society of Appraisers Business Valuation Standards, and the AICPA’s Statement of Standards on Valuation Services. Our reports also meet the requirements for a Qualified Appraisal as outlined in Section 170 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Thoroughly Apply Standard, Generally-Accepted Methodologies

Consistency and familiarity are subtle, but key elements in establishing credibility. When a reviewer sees a valuation prepared by an ASA, in compliance with USPAP and SSVS, and using standard methodology, they know it is unlikely that they will find serious issues. In contrast, when the reviewer encounters a valuation using unconventional or outdated methodologies, prepared by a non-credentialed analyst, without compliance to professional standards, they expect there is a high likelihood of finding issues. Faced with limited resources, the rational response is to focus on the reports with the greatest chance of finding issues.

The tax and government policy landscape is always shifting. For this reason, we believe it is important to stay on top of current developments in the tax treatment of transactions involving closely-held entities.

As key issues are addressed in tax court, regulatory updates, and IRS guidance, the valuation community responds with new research and methods. Through our continuing education and engagement in the valuation community, we are regularly updating our tools and methods to remain on the forefront of the profession to better serve our clients.

The Bottom Line

As business evolves against the backdrop of a constantly shifting tax landscape, rely on us to provide you with a concrete valuation.

What Can Adamy Do For Your Business?