Transaction Opinions

Boards, owners, and executives turn to us for our objective opinions and analysis.

As an independent valuation firm, we are uniquely positioned to provide unbiased advice to help clients make important decisions about acquiring and selling businesses. Our valuation work exposes us to a wide variety of transactions, giving us current market visibility and insight to bring to our clients.

Clients come to us with a range of transaction needs, from merger and acquisition opportunities in which they simply need informal, independent valuation guidance, to complicated transactions that require a formal fairness opinion issued to the board.


  • Fairness opinions
  • Solvency opinions
  • Buy and sell side valuation advisory
  • Modeling and financial analysis
  • Market transaction analysis

Examples of Our Transaction Opinions and Advisory Experience:

A Distressed Recapitalization

We were engaged by the board of a specialized equipment business. The company had a complex capital structure which was under stress due to a downturn in the markets it served. The board was considering a recapitalization that would allow the company to continue as a going concern, but would dilute the common shareholders. Based on our analysis, we were able to issue a fairness opinion to the board that supported the recapitalization, ultimately allowing the company the ability to rebuild.

An Opportunity to Become an Owner

A seasoned CEO contacted us to help her consider an opportunity to personally acquire a business.  We provided her with informal valuation analysis along with financial modeling support to help her analyze the acquisition opportunity.  Based on our analysis, she recognized that the opportunity was uniquely attractive, and she moved forward with the acquisition.

A Fair Transaction

A health care joint venture (JV) with for-profit and not-for-profit owners was facing the exit of one of the owners. The proposed transaction involved the exchange of certain assets for the member’s ownership interest. The board of the JV engaged us to determine the value of the assets and equity interests and provide the board with a fairness opinion on the transaction. The board relied on our fairness opinion to close the transaction.

A Strategic Investment

A corporate client had an opportunity to make an investment in an important customer.  We advised the board on the value of the subject investment.  The company made the investment, and was able to sell the interest three years later for a healthy return.

Making a Prudent Decision

After a lucrative sale of the family business, one of the family members engaged us to help him consider several acquisition targets.  The market for the types of businesses that he had targeted was unusually strong, with sale prices driven upward by large, strategic buyers.  As a result of our analysis, he recognized that the price required to win an acquisition would put undue risk on his family’s wealth.  Instead, he made an investment in an industry with more attractive economics.

The Bottom Line

Rock-solid opinions and objective guidance.

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