Family Law

Family law

Our track record of successful testimony and positive resolution of financial matters in divorce helps people move on with their lives.


  • Valuation of closely-held business interests
  • Determination of income for support
  • Marital balance sheet calculation
  • Mediation and dispute resolution support
  • Expert witness testimony

What it Is

The value of a closely-held business in a marital estate, along with the determination of income for support, are often some of the biggest, and most contentious issues in a divorce.

It can be very difficult for the parties in a divorce to separate the objective value of the business from the emotional factors in the divorce. In many cases, this dynamic is complicated by a breakdown of trust between the parties.

Why it Matters

When either party has an unrealistic expectation of value, it is difficult to resolve the divorce. The longer the process takes, the more costly and painful it is.

An independent valuation from a credible, objective expert is key to establishing realistic expectations among the parties and their attorneys so the process can move toward resolution.

One of the challenges in valuation for divorce is that often the information required to perform the valuation must be supplied by one or both of the parties. Without a robust focus on identifying and eliminating bias from the information, a valuation conclusion can inappropriately favor one party.

When such bias affects a valuation in divorce, unrealistic expectations can drive one or both of the parties toward costly litigation, only to find the valuation crumbles when challenged.

How We Do this Well

Above all, we seek to find truth. We are vigilant in detecting and eliminating bias.

When we detect bias in an opposing expert’s valuation, we work closely with our client’s attorney to aggressively challenge and expose the opposing side’s weaknesses. Assumptions regarding industry position, future growth, and risks facing the business are all areas that must be supported in a valuation. We look to independent data and extensive research to develop our opinion and challenge unsupported assumptions made in an opposing valuation.

We have seasoned expert witnesses with track records of testifying in contentious divorce cases. Our credibility is rooted in a deep foundation built on experience, credentials, reputation, and a rigorous process.

This is why top family law attorneys turn to us with their most sensitive and important divorce cases.

The Bottom Line

Our expertise helps people resolve challenging family law cases.

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