Dispute & Forensic

Dispute & Forensic Advisory

Our litigation support experts help resolve financial disputes, ranging from shareholder disputes to contract and employment litigation. We work closely with attorneys and their clients to navigate all financial aspects of a case, from early stages, through mediation and settlement negotiations, all the way to trial with expert witness testimony.

Areas of

  • Business Valuation for Shareholder Disputes
  • Economic Damages for Business Litigation
  • Lost Profits for Business Litigation or Contract Disputes
  • Lost Income for Employment Litigation
  • Economic Damages for Construction Claims
  • Forensic Accounting for Fraud Cases
  • Business Valuation for Probate Matters
  • Family Law and Marital Dissolution
  • Business Valuation for Buy Sell Agreement Disputes

A Trusted Partner

At Adamy we are your trusted partner in delivering unparalleled dispute and forensic litigation support. We specialize in providing expert financial insights and business valuation expertise to legal teams, empowering you to navigate the complexities of your cases with confidence. Our expert financial opinions provide you with a credible, realistic foundation to resolve their cases. Our team collaborates closely with attorneys throughout the engagement, ensuring that you are well informed and equipped with the financial insights needed to make informed decisions for your clients.

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