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Jun 18, 2020

Executives are often faced with the crucial question, “Who can I trust?” How this question is answered can impact the livelihood of thousands of employees and other stakeholders. For over four decades, clients and our referral sources have trusted Adamy Valuation for their valuation needs and problems. Our clients have benefitted from our unbiased integrity due to the comfort from knowing that there was no agenda that affected the result, and the result was arrived at and communicated in a way that holds up to even the most demanding of challenges.

Professionals, including external auditors, recommend Adamy Valuation for a number of reasons, including considerations of independence. Auditors know how important it is to have and preserve independence. For auditors of SEC registrants, preserving independence means the audit firm is expressly prohibited from providing their client appraisal or valuation services, fairness opinions, or contribution-in-kind reports. For audits and reviews of companies that are not SEC registrants, this prohibition by the SEC is of course not binding, but it is nonetheless a best practice for all audits, particularly in the context of any litigation down the road. And in litigation, one must also consider the Daubert standard of expert witness testimony from a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1993, that among other things, stipulates independence of the expert as a requirement.

Professionals also recommend Adamy Valuation because of our 100% specialization on valuation and damages. This resonates with many of our professional relationships for several reasons. First and foremost, they know that the state of the art in valuation and damages is constantly evolving due to a number of reasons, including ever-changing: professional standards (e.g., USPAP); treatises (e.g., Valuation of Portfolio Company Investments…, a white paper of the AICPA); court decisions (e.g., Brundle vs. Wilmington Trust); technology (e.g., Monte Carlo simulation); and academic and empirical studies (e.g., Risk Premium Report and Risk Study). Second, many of our referral sources like the fact that Adamy Valuation does not compete with them in most, if not all of their service lines. Thus, opening up their client to another service provider is not putting their overall relationship with their client at risk. Third, they know Adamy Valuation will stay in their lane and complete the identified scope of work with no scope creep.

Adamy Valuation is a valuation and damages firm you can trust; whether it is your own business or the business of your client that you refer us in on. Our work product over the forty years since our founding demonstrates this and we continue to build upon this success each day. We encourage you to visit our website and/or contact an Adamy Valuation team member to explore how we can meet and solve your valuation needs and problems.

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