How to Handle the Risk of Future Changes to Gift and Estate Tax Policy:
Why Business Owners and Advisors Should Prepare Now

…although business valuations are still somewhat soft, the focus has shifted more towards the extreme uncertainty…

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There May Never Be A Better Time to Transfer Wealth to Your Kids –
But is it the Best Thing for Your Family?

This may be as good as it gets. When it comes to transferring wealth to the next generation, family business owners may never again…

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Analysis of Latest DOL Process Agreement over ESOPs

Latest U.S. DOL Process Agreement with an ESOP Trustee – WealthSouth.

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Employee Stock Ownership Plans: Staying Proactive During Unprecedented Times

The employee stock ownership plan (“ESOP”) community has weathered economic uncertainty in times past; however, the recency of COVID-19 has presented new challenges…

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Calculating Economic Damages for a Superbowl Champion

We apply accepted Economic Damage Theories to create a simple, compelling story for the trier of facts.

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