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Our experts work closely with our clients to assist in resolving their complex litigation matters in an efficient and effective manner.

Our professionals work closely with attorneys and their clients in all phases of the litigation process across a wide range of industries and practice areas. We have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years, providing them with valuation, accounting, financial, economic and damages analyses.

Our expert witnesses provide objective, credible and reliable testimony based on our experience and understanding of the unique aspects of each company and the challenges they face in litigation.

What is it

Our expert witnesses have a significant amount of experience in developing creative, supportable and straightforward economic damages analyses. We have worked on litigation matters in State and Federal Courts, in mediations and in arbitrations.

Why it matters

Taking the appropriate approach in calculating economic damages in a litigation matter is critical to the overall success of a project. Our expert witnesses have determined damages related the following:

  1. Lost Profits
  2. Lost Business Value
  3. Lost Earnings
  4. Increased Costs
  5. Reasonable Royalties

How we do this well

Our experts understand the various acceptable damages theories in the litigation setting. We make sure to take the time to understand the individual company, the specific issues in dispute and the overall industry, in order to apply the appropriate economic damages analysis. We do this through:

  1. Communication with all stakeholders;
  2. A thorough understanding of the data; and
  3. Clear and concise analyses.

We provide our clients with litigation expertise, so they can focus on their business.

The determination of damages in complex commercial litigation matters can result from a variety of circumstances, including:
• Breach of contract
• Contract termination
• Business interruption
• Fraud
• Bankruptcy
• Product defects

Our experts have extensive experience analyzing financial statements, operational metrics, budgets, marketing plans, capital structure, and cost of capital.  Our studies of damages also include analyses of market and industry conditions, financial and operational trends, competition and market share.

Based on these analyses, we provide opinions and determinations of:
• Causation
• Lost profits
• Increased costs
• Lost business value
• Unjust enrichment

Our experts navigate the complexities of litigation to enable our clients to move forward and focus on their business.

Construction projects often experience cost overruns caused by delays, disruption, extra work, differing site conditions, acceleration and numerous other causes.

Our experts have deep experience working with owners and contractors analyzing complex issues on major construction projects, including:
• Public works infrastructure
• Power plants
• Commercial developments
• Hotels

We provide clients with clear and understandable analyses and testimony to assist in resolving the dispute. Our services include:
• Claim evaluation and preparation
• Expert testimony and litigation support
• Cost overrun analyses
• Productivity analyses
• Contract and change order pricing analyses
• Settlement negotiations

We understand both the operational and financial aspects of construction claims – let us leverage this experience to help you effectively resolve your claim and get back to building your business.

Challenging, and at times emotional, circumstances require a steady, skilled and independent expert. Quantification of the economic loss to the Plaintiff is required for cases involving:
• Personal injury
• Wrongful death
• Discrimination
• Wrongful termination

Our experts have experience determining lost earnings by analyzing individuals’ income, job history, educational background and the overall labor market. We have studied all forms of compensation, including, base pay, commission, bonuses, employer contributions to retirement plans, and fringe benefits.

Our services include:
• Analysis of lost future compensation
• Determination of loss period
• Analysis of personal consumption expenditures
• Analysis of potential mitigation of damages
• Study of growth rates and discounting to present value

Our approach includes a special blend of technical expertise and human insight – and we are honored to be the go-to experts when a timely, reliable and independent expert is in need.

Our experts have assisted clients, as well as the many associated stake holders, in supporting both property damage and business interruption claims.

Such claims arise from catastrophic events, such as:
• Fire
• Hurricane
• Flood
• Tornado
• Environmental remediation
• Other force majeure

In fact, our insurance claims lead expert has worked on hundreds of claims including some of the largest commercial claims associated with Hurricane Katrina.  Our experts have experience in a wide variety of industries and have assisted our clients in developing and supporting claims for the following:
• Business interruption – lost profits and gross earnings
• Property damage
• Extra expense
• Expense to reduce loss
• Ordinary payroll

We are humbled to be the go-to expert for our clients in their most calamitous and complicated circumstances.

Bankruptcy cases require assistance with numerous complex financial issues.  Our experts have experience assisting both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy matters and in very high-profile cases.

We have analyzed:
• The reasonableness of financial projections
• Causes of bankruptcy
• Liquidity
• Ability to pay debts as they come due
• Availability of capital
• Undercapitalization

These analyses covered a variety of industries, including retail, professional services, manufacturing, restaurants, communications, and gaming.

Our services in bankruptcy matters address the following:
• Fraudulent transfers
• Solvency/financial condition
• Damages
• Financial projections
• Alter ego and piercing the corporate veil claims

Let our experts help you navigate these complex financial matters.

Adamy Valuation has experts with substantial experience in financial, accounting, economic, valuation, forensic, business valuation, and damages analyses.

We have worked on a variety of litigation matters, including:
• Commercial damages
• Insurance claims
• Construction litigation
• Bankruptcy
• Intellectual property
• Shareholder disputes
• Family law

We have experience providing expert analyses on various forms of economic damages, including:
• Lost profits
• Lost business value
• Lost earnings
• Increased costs
• Reasonable royalties
• Lifestyle and income analyses

We stand out by distilling the complex into understandable terms and educating the trier of fact.

Post-transaction disputes sometimes arise after a merger or acquisition in regards to the transaction price, purchase price adjustments, the financial condition of the company purchased and earn-out provisions.

Post-transaction disputes sometimes arise after a merger or acquisition in regard to the transaction price, purchase price adjustments, the financial condition of the company purchased, and earn-out provisions.

Our services include the following:
• Analysis and critique of other valuations and financial opinions
• Independent retrospective valuations
• Analysis of purchase price allocation
• Review of earn-out provisions
• Study of the application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Our experts have performed thousands of valuations across the country and are able to use this experience to assist our clients when post-transaction issues arise.

Cases involving claims of patent, copyright, and trademark infringement can require an evaluation of the owner’s damages.

Our experts have prepared claims for:
• Lost profits
• Reasonable royalties
• Price erosion

We have significant experience valuing intangible assets for a variety of purposes in a broad swath of industries, including:
• Manufacturing
• Software
• Distribution
• Healthcare
• Life sciences
• Consumer products

We couple this technical experience with our expert witness experience to serve clients in intellectual property disputes.

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