Proving Embezzlement Through Understanding

Aug 24, 2023


An East Lansing veterinarian had been running a successful practice for over a decade. She saw a steady flow of patients and employed a trusted team that helped her business run efficiently. One day, her accountant informed her that there were insufficient funds to pay the employees. This was unusual because the veterinarian never had trouble paying bills in the past, and there had been no significant decline in business. After several weeks of this happening, she began to investigate the business’s finances herself. Looking through her bank statements, she identified suspicious activity that indicated her staff member had been embezzling funds.

The veterinarian called local police after finishing her initial investigation. The officer advised obtaining a forensic accounting report to support her claims. Such a report is unbiased, and would prove whether or not embezzlement took place. It would also help identify how much money the accountant embezzled. Intending to press charges, the veterinarian contacted Adamy Valuation.


In cases that require forensic accounting, it’s our job to identify any discrepancies in the financial records and distill them into a simple, unbiased report. We try to gather as much data that is available to us, including original check images and bank statements, in order to get an accurate timeline of events. In this particular case, we were able to acquire a large data set to create our report.

What sets Adamy apart from its competitors is the collaborative approach with attorneys and investigators to facilitate comprehension of the case. In many instances, we provide forensic accounting reports to investigative officers who rely on them to advance a case to trial. As a result, we dedicate substantial effort to educating the investigative team on the significance of our reports and how they can leverage them to substantiate or refute allegations.


We worked closely with the investigating officer in the veterinarian’s case to create a report that was easy to understand and explain. Our report was the tool the officer needed to convince the prosecuting attorney to try the case. It was also an integral resource in convicting the accountant on several counts of embezzlement. As a result, the accountant was ordered to pay back the entire sum over the course of three years.