Finding Efficiency in the Complex

Jul 15, 2021


An attorney from a major law firm referred us for a valuation of an assisted living center. We were tasked with this valuation because of its complexity and unique circumstances. The company had numerous locations and sizable operating complexities to consider. The patriarch of the family and owner of the company had begun gifting shares of the operating entity to one of his sons. The company’s structure is unusual for the industry, and very complicated consisting of 7+ operating companies and 7+ real estate companies. In total, there were more than 20 entities – whose valuations we summarized into one report.


Our careful analysis and assessment of the entities, coupled with the time we dedicated to understanding the structures, resulted in a strategic method for the most efficient way to value the company.


We were able to structure the project deliverable into just a half-dozen reports covering 20+ entities, which eased the valuations’ complexity. This benefited not only the owners, but also the auditors, IRS, and other potential users of the valuation. We used creative thinking to develop a process to increase efficiency that resulted in a less expensive solution for the client.