A Win-Win-Win

Jul 15, 2021


A regional CPA firm referred us to one of their clients to value a successful manufacturing company as they were considering a sale to another manufacturer. Separately, the buyer also contacted us to advise them on the acquisition, based on the trust we had earned from our prior work with them on gift and estate valuations. With both buyer and seller having trust in us based on prior experience, and understanding our deep commitment to independence, they agreed to have the buyer hire us to provide the valuation and conduct it in a fully-transparent process.


We approached the engagement collaboratively, providing the valuation to both buyer and seller. This allowed them to negotiate based on the same valuation, which is unique in the M&A world.


Thanks to our deep relationships with each of the organizations, and their trust in our quality and independence, we were able to successfully assist both parties to their mutual benefit, remove emotion from the process, and help them move to a successful close.