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Top CPAs trust Adamy to serve their clients with the same high level of care that they provide. Auditors know that Adamy will get the job done for their audit clients, and they can count on a smooth review process with Adamy. Tax CPAs know that Adamy will provide their clients with a rock-solid valuation based on the most credible, reliable methods, backed by data and analysis.

Making the Complex Easy to Understand

No matter how complex or challenging, our team of valuation experts are ready to provide your clients with reliable valuations, based on robust analysis and a foundation of time-tested methodology.

The Adamy Advantage ™

Value can often be viewed subjectively. For this reason, it is important to turn to an expert who can provide a reliable, independent opinion-one that holds up to scrutiny.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans

As leading national ESOP valuation experts, we provide ESOP trustees with independent valuation opinions for annual updates and transactions.

Financial Reporting

We provide companies and their auditors with independent valuation analyses designed to meet increasingly complex financial reporting guidelines.

Estate Planning

Valuations that support business owners, their attorneys, and wealth advisors in executing sound estate plans.

Tax Reporting

Any valuation analysis should be prepared under the assumption that there will be scrutiny. Our tax-related appraisals are designed to meet the requirements of the IRS and the tax courts.

Charitable Giving

Qualified Appraisals for Form 8283 charitable contributions of complex assets.


In the divorce process, we provide business owners, spouses and family law attorneys with independent, credible business valuation opinions, supported by expert witness testimony.

Litigation Support

We have a long track record of providing attorneys and their clients with independent analysis and expert witness testimony for commercial litigation and shareholder disputes.

Transaction Opinions

Corporate boards and other fiduciaries rely on our transaction opinions. Business owners and executives rely on our counsel for valuation aspects of M&A.

Corporate Planning

We provide clients with insight regarding the factors that build long-term value as a tool to use in their strategic business planning.

Equity Incentive Plans

Helping companies with execution and reporting for management equity incentive plans.

What Can Adamy Do For Your Business?