The Spin Doctor

Jul 15, 2021


A divorce is a trying time for all parties, and this case was no different. We were hired by the wife’s attorney. Both husband and wife were successful physicians; however, she had left her career to raise their children years before. Despite an income over $3 million, the husband was resisting the notion of paying alimony since his wife had high earning potential if she chose to return to work. He also noted that since he hadn’t wanted the divorce, he felt it wasn’t fair to pay alimony. The wife felt she deserved alimony, a position which her attorneys believed was supported by the law. The husband also claimed he had no extramarital affairs.


Based on our internet research, we were able to uncover the husband’s personal interactions outside of his marriage with several women and brought that to the attention of the wife’s attorneys. Armed with that information, the wife’s attorneys could argue fault on the husband’s part.


Facing the potential of his indiscretions being made public and potentially damaging his high profile medical career, the husband agreed to pay substantial alimony, fulfilling his obligations according to our client’s interpretation of the law.

Notably, the divorce cases we are involved in can involve millions of dollars and we are honored to bring valued independent analysis to very trying and emotional situations.