Effectiveness With Each Acquisition

Jul 15, 2021


A prolific healthcare entrepreneur had accumulated minority interests in nearly two dozen physical therapy businesses across the United States. In 2014, he decided to roll disparate businesses together and form a cohesive company based in the South-Central US. The company’s auditors, knowing the valuation work for the audit would be complicated and the timeline aggressive, referred us to develop the purchase price allocation for the rollup. They called upon us to support management and the auditors in closing an extremely challenging audit.


Through multiple auditors, changes in executives, and a rapid succession of acquisitions, the company has remained with us due to our consistent reliability.


While the work has been challenging, we have joined forces with management to build a streamlined and efficient process. Every time the client calls with a new urgent need we are there with timely and competent responses. The work can be intense, but we are inspired by the challenge and thrilled to be their go-to valuation resource.