Numbers Don’t Lie: People Do…especially when they are divorcing!

Have you ever noticed in the months or years leading up to a divorce, the income and/or assets of the parties seem to drop substantially? Some call it SIDS (sudden income deficit syndrome), others say its normal, but our experienced team of forensic accountants can help uncover the truth and provide easy, simple to understand […]

Family Law Considerations for COVID-Era Divorces: Key Tax, Valuation and Other Financial Considerations Join Michelle Gallagher, Strategic Partner, and Kaylee Simerson, Manager, with Adamy Valuation for a candid discussion about important considerations for family law attorneys when planning for divorce settlements in 2020 and beyond. Michelle and Kaylee will highlight business valuation considerations, settlement strategies, alimony alternatives, and relevant changes related to the CARES Act, including Payroll […]