A Conversation with Robb Wardrop:
40 years of assisting debtors

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As we are encountering uncertain economic times, who better to have a conversation with than a lawyer has been on the front lines dealing with distressed companies for decades? Robb Wardrop has been a debtors rights/ bankruptcy attorney in Western Michigan for nearly 40 years. He has helped countless clients navigate the most difficult times in their company’s history. We will be having a conversation about what it has been like to work through hard times with his clients.

Discussion Topics:
· Understanding the client (debtor)
· Understanding the bank (creditor)
· Arriving at Compromise
· Forbearance Agreement
· Outlook for this crisis

June 30, 2020
10:00 AM

Hosts: Chad Salsbery, David Nemes and Liz Briggson

Guests: Robb Wardrop

This webinar is part of the weekly webinar series, Tactical Tuesdays, brought to you by Adamy Valuation and DWH.

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