Scenario Planning 2021:
Preparing for What You Never Saw Coming

With the uncertainties surrounding the year ahead, one thing is for sure: Planning for 2021 will look dramatically different than planning for 2020.  If you are looking for one tool to address the challenges of planning in a volatile environment, look no further than scenario planning. In our upcoming Tactical Tuesdays Program, we will discuss:

1. How to identify possible scenarios that will impact your business

2. How to prioritize these scenarios in the planning process to consider the changes that are most likely to occur

3. How to build robust forecasts to model and predict the financial impact of the most likely scenarios

4. How to identify the most important actions to take now  to set your business up for success, including fortifying internal processes such as cash flow forecasting, and strengthening relationships with your key vendors, suppliers, and lenders

December 15, 2020
10:00am – 10:45am

Tactical Tuesdays with Adamy and DWH