Kelly Plawinski

Chief Operating Officer

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Kelly is the Chief Operating Officer at Adamy. She is responsible for Adamy’s strategy and vision, firm operations, financial and HR oversight, as well as firm leadership. She and Nick Adamy work hand in hand on many of these items, but while Nick’s focus is client relationships and vision, Kelly focuses on the day to day operations as well as the team.

Kelly joined Adamy in 2017 as the Director of Business Operations where her focus was around streamlining the firm’s practices and procedures. Through her analysis of processes, she created new frameworks to increase productivity, standardize methodologies, and aid in setting the stage for the firm’s expansion.

Prior to Adamy, Kelly had a successful and fulfilling corporate finance career at Ford Motor Company. Her background includes over a decade of experience in process improvement, financial reporting, and guiding corporate-wide strategies. This experience has made her an expert in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations and corporate strategy.

Kelly is very involved in the community and has an ongoing passion for improving her leadership skills. She is presently on the board for ACG West Michigan and chairs the Programming Committee. She is also involved in LeaderWork, a Holland based leadership program, volunteers as a teacher for Junior Achievement, is a Candidate Concierge for Hello West Michigan, and actively volunteers at her boys’ school. When Kelly first moved to Grand Rapids, she participated in the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce Integrate Grand Rapids program, geared towards professionals new to Grand Rapids.

Kelly has a passion for helping others become the best they can be. This role allows her to fulfill this passion as she focuses on removing obstacles for the team and creating opportunities as people grow into their careers. With a mind for change, Kelly never settles for mediocre and pushes the Adamy team to do the same.

Core Value – I love all of our core values, but accountable to the team is by far my favorite. People often ask me why I love working at Adamy and I’m quick to respond, it’s the people! Our team is amazing and while others in our industry have a culture that results in cutting others down so you can get a leg up, that isn’t the case here. Everyone on our team is accountable for each other’s success, which drives us to care about each other as human beings and investing in each other’s growth. It’s amazing how much traction a team can gain when everyone is accountable to the team.


  • MBA, Michigan State University
  • BS in Accounting, Purdue University

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