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Five Ways Attorneys Help Business Owners Through a Sale

Having an experienced team of advisors is critical to the sale process for any business owner.

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Should You Establish an ESOP at Your Company?

For employees, ESOPs serve as both a retirement plan and an opportunity to share in the collective success of their company.

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Exit Options for Business Owners

Business owners who are seeking to sell all or a part of their business have options available to them both inside and outside of their company.

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The Importance of Proactive Estate Planning When Preparing a Business for Sale

Estate planning and exit planning generally share common goals around financial security, tax minimization, and providing for people…

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Preparing for the Future: Understanding the Value of Your Business

Organizational planning is foundational to achieving sustainability and long-term success.

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Are You Ready to Make an Ownership Transition?

A transition of company ownership, whether internal or external, is a complex process.

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Family Law Considerations for COVID-Era Divorces
Family Law Considerations for COVID-Era Divorces:
Key Tax, Valuation and Other Financial Considerations

Families have experienced significant changes in 2020 in how they work, learn, shop, visit friends and family, and even get divorced.

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Discounts Jump on Market Volatility

If business owners didn’t already have enough reasons to make estate planning moves before the end of the year…

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Moving on Up!

We are proud to announce the promotion of FOUR of our outstanding employees.

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How to Handle the Risk of Future Changes to Gift and Estate Tax Policy:
Why Business Owners and Advisors Should Prepare Now

…although business valuations are still somewhat soft, the focus has shifted more towards the extreme uncertainty…

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There May Never Be A Better Time to Transfer Wealth to Your Kids –
But is it the Best Thing for Your Family?

This may be as good as it gets. When it comes to transferring wealth to the next generation, family business owners may never again…

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Welcome Andrew Carey

Adamy Valuation is pleased to announce that Andrew Carey has joined our team as an analyst.

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History of Adamy

Adamy Valuation has been providing executives, business owners, attorneys, and fiduciaries with expert, independent business valuation services for decades.

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Our Commitment to Intellectual Curiosity

As lifelong learners who serve clients by solving meaningful financial problems, our team at Adamy Valuation continually builds our expertise in this ever-changing environment.

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Trust Adamy Valuation with You or Your Client’s Valuation Needs & Problems

Executives are often faced with the crucial question, “Who can I trust?” How this question is answered can impact the livelihood of thousands of employees and other stakeholders.

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