Michelle Gallagher, CPA/ABV/CFF Partners with Adamy Valuation

Adamy Valuation (Adamy) is michelle-1pleased to announce that Michelle Gallagher and Gallagher Valuation & Forensics (Gallagher) have partnered to provide valuation services to clients across Michigan and the United States.

Michelle’s focus will primarily be on valuation for family law, litigation, estate planning, and tax reporting. She is the head of Adamy’s family law practice. She will split her time between Adamy’s Grand Rapids, Michigan and Chicago offices and the Gallagher office in Lansing, Michigan.

“We have long held a high degree of respect and admiration for Michelle’s expertise and professionalism, and, frankly, she is just a lot of fun to work with.” – Nick Adamy, Managing Director of Adamy Valuation.

“This is the perfect opportunity to leverage the strength of Adamy’s resources to serve my valuation clients and to expand our abilities to serve a broader client base.” – Michelle Gallagher, Principal of Gallagher Valuation & Forensics.

Michelle Gallagher is a nationally-recognized expert in business valuation. She has testified as an expert witness on business valuation matters in numerous cases. She is a Certified Public Accountant, Accredited in Business Valuation and Certified in Financial Forensics, and she has been an active leader in the AICPA for the valuation profession. Most recently, she testified on behalf of the AICPA at the US Department of Treasury hearing in Washington, DC regarding the proposed Section 2704 regulations addressing discounts on family transfers of ownership interests, which garnered national press coverage.

From its entrepreneurial beginning in 1979, Adamy Valuation has built a compelling track record as a leader in business valuation. Now in its second generation of leadership, Adamy’s experts work with companies in a wide variety of industries across the United States. To learn more about Adamy Valuation visit: www.adamyvaluation.com or contact Michelle directly at:

Michelle F. Gallagher
Direct +1.616.284.3714| mgallagher@adamyvaluation.com
50 Louis St. NW, Ste. 405 | Grand Rapids, MI 49503