Litigation Support

Top litigators turn to Adamy when they need a reliable opinion of economic damages in litigated matters.

Economic damages can often be an abstract concept.  We are experts at taking this abstract concept and making it concrete by using straightforward methods and explaining them clearly to triers of fact.

  • Calculation of lost profits
  • Valuation of lost business interests
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Trial preparation support
  • Review and analysis of opposing damages analysis
What is it

When economic damages are at issue in a litigated matter, the parties to the litigation are not in a position to offer a credible estimate.

An independent expert witness with the right experience can bring an objective opinion to the proceedings.

Why it matters

Unlike business valuation, which has well-established approaches and a large body of authoritative literature, there is relatively little published literature on the topic of calculating economic damages.

Because of this, it is critically important that an expert witness is independent and is able to explain the reliability and objectivity of their analysis.

How we do this well

We draw on our deep expert witness experience in serving our litigation clients. Through this work, we have developed three key principles to success:

  1. We rely on third-party data to the fullest extent possible
  2. We use straightforward methods that are easily understood
  3. We engage the trier of fact in understanding the analysis

We bring credibility and solid analysis to the fluid world of litigation.