Nick Adamy, Jacob Helwick, and Alexa Pontus volunteer at Sixth Street Bridge Park

The Adamy Valuation team gathered at Sixth Street Bridge Park on a sunny summer morning to beautify the park and volunteer as a team. Instead of the usual suits and ties, everyone wore shorts, matching t-shirts, gloves and hard hats. The experts from Friends of Grand Rapids Parks gave instruction on pruning trees and taming the vines that threatened to overtake the fence by the Riverwalk. Four acres to tidy and the sound of the river and birds were a backdrop to this worthy volunteer effort. “Our firm volunteer day is a great opportunity for us to participate in the greater good within our community while coming together as a team,” stated Nick Adamy, Managing Director and Owner of Adamy Valuation. The firm’s past support of the community has included sponsorships for a variety of cultural and charitable causes including the Grand Rapids Symphony, the Literacy Center of West Michigan, and the Humane Society. Beautifying the park was an opportunity for the firm to volunteer its people, not just its dollars. “Offering our collective effort was a wonderful way to impact where we live and work,” noted Lynzey Gibbons, Senior Analyst with Adamy. The success of this event and the teams’ efforts has started a tradition of volunteering that Adamy plans to continue far into the future.